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Also we include a lot of information on Argentina like their sports, Capital City and more.
If you want to see a little of Argentina here are some really cool real-time webcams Click on this
If you end up going here check out our nice book on the history of soccer which explains how it's played and where so you can have something to do if you are waiting or just plain bored. Also the blue or purple highlighted words means it takes you to a website.
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Here is the book. It has high detail like the rules and other things involving soccer

Here is the current weather in Buenos Aires,Argentina

​Here are some travel tips if you
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A good way to travel around Argentina is Domestic Flights: Here is a good Domestic Airline (just select the country you are from)
Some other ways to travel around Argentina are by train and bus
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Here is a good tourist website if your going to travel to Argentina this is something you should definitely look at it also has information on where to stay

Here is a good airport to fly into if because now it also handles larger aircraft so some international airlines fly into here

If you want a fun exciting sport fly fishing may be for you, here's a nice book which will get you started

Here is a really handy pocket dictionary for english to spanish

If you want to go see a movie in Argentina, here are some theatres in Buenos Aires

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Here is some more information on airports in Argentina (you can click on the blue highlighted words but not the red)

Here is the wikipedia article on Argentina's main airline Here is their website

This website has information on over 30 airports, this would help if you dont know where the baggage claim is (it might not work)

If you want to go here, here is a good website that will help you book a flight, cruise, hotel, rail, and rental car (if you want)

Needd a hotel to stay in for the world cup? Well here are some hotels you should check out (by the way, the world cup is in South Africa this year)

Here is the current time in Buenos Aires,Argentina

This section is for the culture of Argentina (nation anthem, food, and more

The famous dance the ''Tango" was invented here from around the 1850s and 1880s

Here is their nation anthem (this is the full version with English translation at the bottom)

Here are some interesting facts about what people in Argentina eat and how they eat

Are you hungry? If so herere is a really good cook book for Argentinean food

Here is a book about the history of Argentina through articles and poems

If you want to buy music from Argentina click here

If you want some fast food, here is the a link for subway in Argentina

Want to learn some spanish fast? Here is a series of books and audio CDs which will help you get started (this does not cost over 100 US dollars)

If you would like to hear some music from Argentina for free here it is! (you can put these song on your I-pod or I-phone or I-pad)

Here is another history book on Argentina

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Here is some basic information on Argentina

  • Capital City: Buenos Aires
  • Population: 40,913,584 33rd (from 2009)
  • Main language: Spanish
  • Location: Southern South American
  • Currency: Here it is the Argentine peso This link has some more information on the Argentine peso
  • Other languages include: Italian, English, French, German, and the languages of the Native Argentineans, Quechua, Guaraní and Mapuche
  • In terms of size it's the 8th biggest country in the world.
  • It's divided into 23 provinces
  • Major sports include: soccer, rugby, tennis, basketball, boxing, field hockey, volleyball, auto racing, and more
  • The name of Argentina is derived from a Latin word argentums, which means silver.
  • Argentina is about 1,068,302 square miles or about 2,766,890 square kilometers or kilometres
  • It's President is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
  • The main types of climate in Argentina are: warm, moderate, arid and cold
  • Time zone GMT-3 daylight savings time GMT-2
  • The islands off the east coast belong to britain after a war in 1982, the islands are called the Falkland's
  • It's soccer team has won 2 world cups one in 1986 and one in 1978
  • 4 countries border Argentina: Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile
  • Argentina's motto "In Unity and Freedom"
  • Here is a list of some famous people from Argentina, you can click on their names for information on them Here is the link

Here is the embassy part of our guide. They will help you with all your needs like if you loose you're passport or if you're in trouble

Here is some embassy information for the one in Washington D.C. Ambassador name: D. Héctor Marcos Timerman Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Email: **eeeuu@mrecic.gov.ar** or argentina@veriomail.com(dont click on these) Phone:(202) 238-6400 Address: Sarmiento Building 1811 Q St,NW Washing D.C. 20009

Here is the information on the embassy in South Africa( the English button is at the top right and click on embassy for information about it, also under embassy is the ambassador, you can put your mouse over it) Here is the website which has all of the information on it

And if you want the United States embassy in Argentina **click here**
here is some other information Times of operation Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Address Avenida Colombia 4300

Here is our section on tourist spots, attractions, and fun places

Here is a really fun tour of their soccer stadium if you are bored or just need to kill some time

Try this also, this is a website that shows some very good museums if it's raining or something else

Many people come to Argentina for Iguazu Falls (a huge waterfall which is very pretty) here is a link to website which will tell you some information

This is the restaurant part of our wiki page this should help you if you are hungry, thirsty, or meeting with somebody

Here is a nice retaurant reviewed by a real person who's been here it's called abril also it's at the bottom of the page (Balcare 722 is the adress)

Click on this link to show you some great restaurants with different types of food

Here is the souvenir part of our guide which will help you if you want to buy something for family, friends, or yourself

Here are some awesome jersey's for Argentina's national soccer team also there are some world cup items too(there is more than 1 page, to change the page go to the bottom and click 1,2,3, etc

Here are some more awesome items

Here is the other/world cup section of our guide

Here is a link to Argentina's world cup site this is ESPN's website

Here is another world cup link, but this one's to FIFA's official website

Here is a link to our main website Geo Squirts USA

For extra information, here is the wikipedia article on Argentina

If you want to buy a Argentinean dog here is an article on the Argentine Dogo

Because many kids play video games now, here is the official FIFA world cup game

Should I take off my hat if I am entering an offiice? The answer is yes, here are the usual etiquette and manners if you are traveling here

If you want to buy some world cup tickets here they are

If you are worried about your health check this out

Here is a book about when Argentina faces one of soccers best team, England

Here is the photo section of our wiki page

Here is a picture of their soccer team
This is what Argentina is know for Waterfalls
Here is a picture of their current president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Here's what the colors represent: The blue and white colors were the colors used in the Argentinean revolution against Spain in the early 1800's. The country's flag was formed in 1820 after the death of General Manuel Belgrano, the leader of the revolution. The sun in the center of the flag is called the Sun of May, and it represents the sun that shown through the clouds on May 25, 1810 when the revolution started which lead to the Argentina's independence.

Here is a picture of Iguazu Falls

Here is a really cool interactive map, you can zoom in, out, look left or right (you can use your mouse just click and drag up or down or left or right)

Here is the video section of our guide

Here is a cool video on Argentina's soccer team

Here is a good Argentinean chicken recipe. They will help you make it step by step.

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