as-map.gifGood D' mate! This is the one of a kind country Australia!!! .
This the weather in Australia. (wish you were here)...don't you?

Auatralian Flag

Book Suggestions:
Here are a couple of schnazzy book suggestions.
Great Barrier Reef Book
Austaralian animals

Places to visit
These are a couple of fun places to visit!
Sydney Opera House Have a musical time at the Sydney Opera House. Listen to the people sing operaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

The Great Barrier Reef is a great place to visit! If you want to swim with sea animals. This is the place to be! Swim with Sharks,dive with Dolphins, search the water with sea eel's and find spanish dancers(type of jelly fish).


Fun Australian Music
This is some music from Australia! Click free shample at the bottom of the page and check it out!
Bush Songs
Our Land Our Music

Are you hungery? Come to these resturants in australia.
**De Groots(Australian Restaurant)**go to these two wonderful resturans. Eat kangeroo, cornucopia, stone fruite (two types of fruite), damper, and lamingtones ( two other types of deseret).
**Restaurant cater**
**Baskinrobbins(in Ausratia)** After you are finished eating your fabulaus dinner get ice cream!

U.S. Embassy in Australia
If you loose your wallet, or need some information about the country you are in, go to the U.S embassy in Australia.
**Australian Bat Museum** If you like critters that like to hang upside-down, eat fruit and fly at night, go to the Australian Bat Museum!
Also try National Museum of Australia This museum "explores the land, nation and people of Australia."