Welcome to the Wonderful page of Brazil


By: Rachel and Sophia

Welcome to the helpful page of Brazil. On this page, you will find everything you will need on your relaxing vacation to Brazil. Brazil is a very beautiful and cheerful country, with tons of things to do. This is your guide to do everything in your short or long visit.

Luxurious Hotels in Brazil Under this link, you will find a lot of hotels and resorts for the Brazilian areas.
Brazilian Restaurants Under this link, you will find a lot of restaurants for the Brazilian areas.

Brazilian Books and Music

Why should you just wait until the next bus comes, when you could be listening to AMAZING music or finding what to eat for dinner.

Far out Brazilian Music On this site you can get some really good songs to put on your ipod or MP3 player with just a click of a button. They're FREE

The Brazilian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Look! There is a Brazilian Embassy in Washington, D.C. Here is all of the information about the Embassy.

Brazilian Culture Video

If you want to find anything about the Brazilian Culture, click this link.

Brazilian Cookbook Don't feel like going to a restaurant? Well you can stay at home and make yourself an amazing dish fit for a queen. Buy your Brazilian Cookbook today and eat in!

Brazil A to Z With this book, your kids can learn all about Brazil and have a couple laughs.

National Anthem of Brazil Brazil has a really pretty and happy National Anthem. I hope you enjoy it while watching a fantastic light show.

Travel Tips~ 1)In Brazil it's mainly sunny, so don't forget your sunscreen or a hat. 2) Try to go to all of the torust attractions. You will never forget the fun you have had with your friends or family. 3) Don't forget to check the weather forecast so you can be positive to wear something appropriate for your day.

Here is some Brazilian money

Bonus Material!!!

This is the beautiful and elegant flag of Brazil

The Statue of Jesus located on Mount Corcovado

This is the Brazilian Soccer Team

Brazil right now!
Under this link, you can look at Brazil right now! You can see the weather, the ocean, the birds and even the cars going by!