Welcome to the Cameroon website! We hope you find what you need to have a great journey! This wiki was made by Janey Richert and Jalynn Manning. The capital of Cameroon is Yaounde. The population is 18,879,301 and the life expectancy is 50 years old for male and 51 years old for female. The currency they use in Cameroon is CFC franc. In Cameroon they speak English and French.

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Here are some of the top rated hotels in Cameroon. If you are planning on staying at a hotel, you might want to take a look at these.

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5 Star Hotel
5 Star Hotel
5 Star Hotel
5 Star Hotel

Akwa Palace Hotel Douala Cameroon

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4 Star Hotel

Le Meridien Douala Hotel Cameroon
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Mercure Yaounde Centre Hotel Cameroon

3 Star Hotel
3 Star Hotel

If you are planning on dinning out,this is the perfect place! This restaurant serves kids portions but does not serve kids meals with a toy like McDonalds and Burger King. It does serve Modern European and Seafood Cuisine though yum!

Restaurant L'Atlantique

Need an Airport to fly to to get to Cameroon or need an Airport to fly from after visiting Cameroon? Here is YAO airport information.

YAO flight information

If you need a car to use on your visit to cameroon you can use Avis car rentals who have a location in Cameroon.

Avis Car Rentals in Yaounde Cameroon

If you would like to stay at an embassy, you should try these. Whether you would like a US embassy in Cameroon, or an Asian embassy in Cameroon, this place has got it all!

Embassy information

Waza national park is the most famous national park in Cameroon. If you decide to visit you could see an ostrich, antelope, gazelle and more.

Waza National park

These are photos taken of animals at Waza National Park.

Waza National park photos

The Musa Heritage Gallery is a Art museum showing the Arts and Crafts from the Cameroon grass fields.

Musa Heritage Gallery

If you've already visited all the recommended tourist sites, here is a good Cameroon story called Sense Pass King: A Story from Cameroon. It is about a girl named Ma'antah outwitting a jealous king who tries to get rid of her and becomes worthy of the name Sense Pass King. I would read this book because it seems interesting.

Sense Pass King: A Story from Cameroon at

In Cameroon they celebrate New Years Day (January 1st)fireworks.jpeg National Youth Day (February 11th) Labour Day (May 1st) National Day (May 20th) Assumption

(August 15th) Unification Day (October 1st) and Christmas (December 25th)christmas_tree.jpeg

If you would like to know how to say something in french you can just go to Google translate here is the link.

Google Translate

Cameroon's Soccer Team

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This is Cameroons National Flower

This is cameroons national Bird