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Welcome to the Chilean Website.This is a Spanish speaking country on the west coast of South America. Here you will find out anything you need to know about Chile. Answering questions like what is the Capital? What is the timezone or weather like?

The surrounding countries are, Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru.

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National Soccer Stadium by energ8.
National Soccer Stadium by energ8.

The World Soccer Team

If you're a fan of the Chilean Soccer team go to this site. Chilean world soccer team

Country Facts

Here is the official Chile website Chile website

Population: 16,601,707 people
Languages: Spanish (official), German, English
Nationality: Chilean
Currency: Chilean Peso
Capital: Santiago

The current time in Santiago, Chile.
Santiago is the capital of Chile.

Temperature Converter

Most Americans don't know how much about Celsius to Fahrenheit this is the site for you. Temperature Converter


This is a really good book about Chilean history. It includes the geography of the country, A time line of events, and history since the year 500. This book is written by John L. Rector.
Awesome Chilean History book

If you like to cook food then here are some more recipes. But it is Chilean cuisine. Chilean food recipe books


You don't need to go to Chile for some of their food here is one in New York City Really good chilean restaurants in New York City
This website shows three great, different restaurants in Santiago, Chile 3 restaurant in Chile
Here are some more restaurants. More restausrants
You might like some McDonald. USA isn't the only one that has them. Mcdonalds in Chile


If you are a Chilean in the US, and you need some help. Just go to the Chilean embassy in Washington D.C. Chilean embassy in USA Also if you are an American in Chile and you need help you can go to the US embassy US embassy in Chile


If you need to find some museums you should go to this site. It doesn't only have one museum but many.
Best museums in Santiago , Chile


Here are the many airports to fly in or out of to either go back home or to another tourist site. Airports in Chile

Tourist Spots

If you want to want to do some sightseeing then you should go to one of these places. All of the main sightseeing spots are on this site. Best tourist spots in Chile
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Travel Guide

If you aren't a great planner. You won't have to worry about how to get around Chile.
Travel guide

Currency converter

If you are in Chile and need 100 Chilean peso. You need to know how much US dollars to give. Currency converter


You might not know Spanish. So you can learn some basic words with this website.

Chilean Movie

Here is an awesome Chilean movie. Machuca

Chilean Cooking Show

You might want to impress someone by cooking some Chilean food in Chile. Here is an awesome cooking class.