Welcome to Germany

By Ava and Peyton
We hope you like our German travel guide. Here are some fun facts, currency: euros, language: German, capital: Berlin, location of Berlin: 52 degrees and 31' seconds N and 13 degrees and 23' E.
This is Germany's National Flag.
This is a map of Germany

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1 U.S. dollar = 0.750976269 Euros

There are lots of airports in Germany. Also the trains are efficient as well as cars and buses. You could even get around by boat!
This is a link to some airports in Berlin.
Airports in Germany

Check out these restaurants to go to if you are traveling in Berlin or Munich.
Restaurant in Berlin
Restaurants in Munich
If you want some American food, hear are some McDonald's.
McDonald's near Berlin

This book is about German History.
German History

These are the Embassies you would want to see.
German Embassy in the USA
American Embassy in Germany

Historical Sites
These are some of Germany's historic castles that the public can see.
German Castles

This is a link to Germany Museums Aachen, Augsbur, Bad frankenhausen, Baden-Baden, and Berlin!
Museums in Germany

Just in case you want to see some of Berlin!
Here are some cameras in Berlin

Fact Book
I hope you like the CIA's fact book for Germany.
World Fact Book for Germany

Here is some German music.

These are German Dancers
German Dancers

If you want to check out the soccer teams website, here it is.
This is the German National Soccer Team's Website

This is a video of the Best German soccer goals ever!

This is the German National Anthem with English Translation