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Hi and welcome to Japan! This is a Wiki site all about Lovely, beautiful Japan! The population in Japan is 127,078,679. Japan is located in east Asia. The currency in Japan is in Yen which 100 yen is equal to $1.09 in U.S money. The official language in Japan is Japanese.

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Travel Tips:
If you need to travel far but don't want to take a taxi take the metro in Tokyo to help you get around.
Website for the Tokyo metro so if you need to get around click on this link and you will find it
This is a very popular way to travel around japan. It is a way to be around other Japanese people, you better polish up your Japanese.
Website for Narita airport in Japan
Do you need to leave and get out of Tokyo but can't find a good airport? Well go to the Narita airport and it will be smooth sailing Narita airport will offer great snacks and amazing smooth cool flights.
Here is an amazing five star hotel
Looking for a good hotel? Well here is a great hotel with an amazing view!

The offical flag of Japan
a wicked cool map of Japan
this is an awesome clock of japan to
show you what time it is in Japan verses our time.
money.jpgThos is Japanese money called yen

Good Japanese books to read:
READ THIS BOOK! It is all about Japanese fairy tales and culture
Cool Japanese fairy tales in Japan through the world of fantasy and mystery. If you like mystery here is a good book to read You should read this book because fantasy is the best way to learn about a country.
Here is a cool cook book about Japanese cooking for kids
Here is an easy to follow Japanese cook book for kids with lot's of fun activities to do also! This is a good book to read so you can learn the costumes of Japan.

Embassy info links :
Here is the info on the US embassy in japan
Here is a link so if you need help in Japan go to the Tokyo US embassy.
Here is the info for the Japanese embassy in the US
If you want to learn about Japan before you go come here and you will learn a lot.

Things to do while you are in Japan:
Looking for something to do while your in Japan? Try a trip to Mt.fuji and a day seeing all of gorgeous japan
With this exciting adventure you can go see Mt.Fuji and have a real authentic Japanese lunch and cruise lake Ashi! The cost is $118.02. The dates are listed on the website. Enjoy this amazing one time experience!
A super cool museum on history in Japan
If you want to know a little bit more about the Japanese history, this is the place to go. But it is not boring though it is a lot of cool facts.
Here is another fun place to play all day with fun things to do for kids and adults!
Here is a fun amusement park to hit if you want a real good time.
Want to see a good show? Go to the circus!
Ever been to a circus in Tokyo? Here is a great one to go see and all your friends will be jealous!
Want to see a movie in from Japan? Go see Ponyo
A movie originated in Japan, it is a great movie for the whole family.
A day fo fun for the kiddies at the Tokyo Disneyland
Ever been to Disneyland? Well here is one in Tokyo! You will have so much fun and learn a few fun facts on Japan.

japanese_geisha_girl.jpg This is the traditional Japanese Geisha girl. Geisha girls are like official dancers of japan.

Good restaurants:
Yummy McDonald website in Japan!
If you want a little taste of home or just don't take a liking to Japanese food here is McDonald's made just like it is here.
Hungry? Well this restaurant will get you some good eats in the beautiful Tokyo japan just click on this link
In the mood for french but you are in japan? Well click on this link and you will find some amazing food with a great view and some super comfortable awesome chairs, the cost is listed on the website have fun.
Burger King for the kids yummy
If you want a good old American hamburger, Then here is the place to come.

Other helpful things to know about when you are in Japan:
Need help getting people to understand you? Here is the perfect translator to help get your point across
If you need to know how to say something and don't have your dictionary? Here is the perfect site!
cool Japanese soccer jersey store with the official team crest
Looking to support Japan in the world cup? Look at all this cool stuff and help support Japan in the world cup.

This is an awesome kids site
This site will tell you some wicked cool history of japan but fun so your interested. There are also some super cool games and pictures to look at and its all in English. when you open this page you will see an article about japans national sport click the link to figure it out. There is a lot more go have a look.
Have Fun!
Here is the current fashion in Japan
Here are some of the latest fashion in Japan if you are wondering what to pack.
Here is a currency converter if you need to know how much to pay
If you want to make sure you are not getting ripped off, use this link to make sure you get your fair share.
Here is the Wikipedia site for Japan
If you want to know more about Japanese history go here and you can get it.